Have you ever seen a power profile from a pro cyclist? Ever wonder how you match up on the Power/Watts per Kilo scale verses the pros? I have… And, it ain’t exactly pretty.

Just a few weeks ago when I was in Calgary to visit with my pal and Bikeridr Co-Blogger, Ken Hurd, we decided to do a power test using my Saris Power Tap. *** Disclaimer: Neither of us took it too seriously, given Ken had been sick and off the bike for quite a while – and we’d enjoyed some good wine the night before. But, we figured it’d still be fun, and good for a laugh. The test we chose was a 1 minute max effort, followed by an 8 minute max effort. I had done both in the past, so I had some benchmark data we could compare things too. I went first, and put in a solid effort, successfully pushing myself into that near delirious, narrowed-visioned, and slightly confused state, only races and power tests truly deliver.

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