July 26, 2011

2011 KECC Video

It’s been a particularly busy couple of weeks, and certainly days, for me recently with my volunteer role for the 2011 Kokanee Edmonton Canada Cup cross country MTB race, as well as my own full-time work duties for Edmonton’s Cap EX. Having two events kick off on the same weekend, means you need to be pretty creative with your time management to get it all done and that said, although it was hectic, and yes, stressful at times, I’m so glad it has all come together. – Read More –

March 31, 2011


In preparation for the upcoming riding season, I’ve been training hard, sort of… I mentioned a while back that I picked up a new camera, the Canon 60D. This is of course, not a point & shoot video device, so I need to train up on it, and do some playing around to figure it – Read More –

June 24, 2010

Versus 2010 Tour Tracker

As the 2010 Tour de France spins up and the speculations, predictions and intrigue start to weave their tangled webs, many of us are trying to figure out the best way to absorb this years Tour.

Do we set our PVR each day – consciously blocking out internet race coverage and forewarning coworkers to keep details to themselves? Do we desperately scour to keep up on coverage through RSS readers and Twitter? Do we suddenly come down with an illness that only allows us to come to work in the afternoon?

Thankfully, Versus is ensuring that these difficult decisions aren’t necessary with their 2010 Tour Tracker.

Last year I detailed what you could expect in the 2009 Versus Tour Tracker and it appears as though the fine crew has been hard at work behind the scenes to offer, not only better coverage, but some sincerely cool ‘add-ons’ to your experience. – Read More –

April 29, 2010

2009 Rapha Continental in Retrospect

Over the last three years the riders of the Rapha Continental have explored some of the most beautiful regions and roads in North America. With the help of customers and friends, the chronicle of our ongoing journey has now grown to fifty rides and our journal is complete with stories, cue sheets, photography and films. – Read More –

April 1, 2010

Project Uranus

Pearl Izumi hits it out of the park with their 4D Chamois and some heavy hitting journalism on “Project Uranus.” From US-based cycling clothing firm Pearl Izumi has revealed that it is working on a project, kept secret until now, to test its new chamois insert in outer space to help ensure that you – Read More –

February 18, 2010

Itchin’ for spring

Ran across this ad the other day and it definitely got me itchin’ for spring. The open air, the open road, the catchy music. I just wish I could blast full throttle out of the saddle at all times like people in commercials can. A lot of the views actually remind me of some of – Read More –

February 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes of Life Cycles

A nice look at the two minds behind the upcoming film “Life Cycles.” If the way they strung this preview together is any indication of the quality and style of the actual film, I’m stoked for this one. They’re just hitting post production now, but after perusing the shots and teasers off the site I think this is going to be the type of film I really dig. – Read More –

December 2, 2009

US Gran Prix of Cyclocross

I ran across this video this morning and just had to post it… Great use of wide angle shots, and wonderful use of color. What really struck me was the integration of sound throughout the video. Great soundtrack, but the constant background highlights of cowbells, cheering, and the sounds of the tires on the different – Read More –

November 11, 2009

Global Rides – Climbing Sufferage in Italy

I got an email a few weeks ago from Gene Nacey – founder of Global Rides, a company specializing in “first person” riding experiences for indoor training – wondering if I’d be interested in giving one of his DVDs a test-run. Not being the biggest fan of training indoors, I agreed enthusiastically… I’m eager to try anything that helps alleviate the potential boredom of training inside on your own.

Global Rides has managed to pack a lot of nice (and thoughtful) touches into this DVD, and it’s apparent right from the menu. Right off the start you’re able to make the choice as to whether or not you’d like music, and if you’d like a coach guiding your ride. I’ve only used the DVD a handful of times, but I can already see that it will be nice to have the flexibility and variety of spinning to your choice of tunes, and/or to ride a slightly different program than the one that’s offered on the DVD. – Read More –

August 31, 2009

Transrockies ’09 – Stage 6-7

Stage 6 – Elkford to Crowsnest Pass 101km / 2467m climbing / 9:29:03 There’s no easy way into stage 6 as riders, head straight up from Elkford to the rim of the Fording River Canyon and past Josephine Falls along some sweet singletrack. This is a long day in the saddle and the 1,000m vertical – Read More –

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