January 18, 2011

The UCI – Neutralizing innovation

I understand why regulatory bodies exist in sport. In the simplest of terms they exist do ensure the safety of those racing and ensure that athletes are competing on a level playing field.

It seems however with the latest set of rules being set forth by the UCI that they’ve taken the “level playing field” a little too far. – Read More –

January 20, 2010

The Future of Power

I’m sure that if you asked cyclists for the highlights of their Christmas lists, power meters would’ve been pretty high on that list. Sadly however, for most of us a power meter is more of a “wish list” type of thing. Right now most ‘traditional’ power meters tend to be a little out of reach for most of us, or if nothing else, at least a very sincere investment.

Outside of price, the other main problem I’ve had with the traditional crank or hub-based power meters is the difficulty managing one power meter over multiple bikes, especially if you’re racing in multiple disciplines. – Read More –

February 20, 2009

Stream the ’09 Tour de California Live with TourTracker

I’m definitely a little late to the game here, and I’m not sure how I didn’t find out about this sooner, but the Amgen Tour de California is being streamed live from their site – and in a very slick fashion to boot!

Until now I had been catching up on the highlights through Versus (which is doing a great job as well – other than maybe Rasika Mathur ;-), but after my first trial of the “live” page I’m really impressed.

Other than slight hiccups and delays it’s a stellar experience (if only it came in HD). You get a large preview pane of the video coverage which you can interact with, change camera views on the fly, as well as track the riders progress through the course on a live-updated map. Also really fun, is to see the riders progress on the course elevation-profile, giving you a better understanding of the layout of the course. And of course you can check unofficial split and finish times. – Read More –