stage race

July 7, 2011

The Furious 3 – From the Saddle

116km, 6,490 calories, 4,046m of climbing and 3 days later, the inaugural Furious 3 is behind us.

As I had lamented in a post prior to the race, I was feeling a little undertrained. And by undertrained, I mean that I hadn’t really trained at all, and that my time on the bike almost solely consisted of my commute to work. Truth be told, the Furious 3 was the first legitimate time I’d spent on my mountain bike.

Wise? Likely not. Reality? Indeed it was. – Read More –

November 4, 2010

The Transrockies TR4!

Now offering the most versatility of any stage race that I’m aware of… The Transrockies is offering three flavours of racing for their 10th anniversary!

As always the full on, no-holds barred TR7 exists for team competitors, and building on the success of the past two years the TR3 still exists for for solo competitor. This year, however, the Transrockies is mixing it up even more by organizing a four day solo even that builds on the back half of the full 7 day experience.

I find this extremely interesting and awesome all at the same time. – Read More –