October 20, 2011

Disc Brakes in Cyclocross

We all know the UCI approved disc brakes in CX, and most of us have already seen a few racers out with a disc set-sup. What did you think when you first heard disc brakes were allowed, or saw your first disc equipped CX rig? Did you salivate with envy? Scoff with distain? Or, did you shrug with indifference? Personally, I did a little of all three.

Last season, I never did quite get my brakes dialled in. There was a pretty predictable ‘howl’, and amount of chatter in the front end when I hit the binders hard. At the time, I was told by more seasoned racers, this was just the way it was with canti’s – part of the deal/fun. Knowing the couple racers with discs weren’t dealing with any of that made me pretty envious. But, I was also told, again by more seasoned racers, that the disc guys were giving up weight – an unavoidable compromise. Disc set-ups weigh more than canti’s. Add that to the prolific believe held by most of the racers I talked to that canti’s are part of the CX ‘spirit’, part of what makes CX what it is, and I met disc brakes with a similar distain to an audiophile who refuses to give up his vinyl. At the end of the day, I didn’t really care that much. I knew damn well, braking power wasn’t going to be a silver bullet a racer like me needed to crack into the pointy end of the field… I had more immediate shortcomings to address, like fitness.

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July 21, 2011

KECC Wheelie Competition

Yesterday I was down at the Kokanee Edmonton Canada Cup start/finish line to put on a pre-event we’d planned to help hype up this weekend’s race. In partnership with Barry from Specialized Bikes, we hosted a demo ride and wheelie competition! Yup, a wheelie competition. Thank fully, despite threats all day to pour yet again, – Read More –

November 16, 2009

Bow Cycle 2010 Bike Expo

I hate bike shops… They always do cool stuff, and have cool things, and make me want to part with my hard earned cash. This weekend was no different.

My wife and I decided to swing by the Bow Cycle 2010 Bike Expo, and it was a load of fun. There were reps on hand from Kona, Specialized, Norco, Cannondale, Cervélo, Banshee, Surly, Scott, and Electra… Phew… I get tired just typing it. A lot of killer bikes to take in to say the least. – Read More –

August 23, 2009

I am Specialized (hopefully)

When I first ran across this contest on SpecializedRiders.com I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear… Now this was a contest I could get behind!

My first Stumpy

My first Stumpy

Sure I want a chance to rip around on a brand spankin’ new S-Works Stumpjumper FSR, I mean not only is it part of Specialized’s heritage, but it’s also part of mine – It was my first bike (I saved months for that baby!), it was my second bike, and despite a few relapses I’ve always found Specialized bikes to fit both me and my riding style perfectly. I’m currently riding an Epic on the dirt and a Tricross on the pavement. – Read More –