June 29, 2016

Jasper to Lake Louise Highline Ride

Someone asked me a little while ago, ‘how far could you ride?’ I said, ‘that depends… are we talking mountain or road bike?’. ‘Road bike, in one day’, they replied.  I thought about it, and admitted even tough I’d done a couple 100 mile rides before, I didn’t really know… But suddenly, I was thinking about how to find out.

Distance, or ‘enduro’ cycling can take different forms: road, mountain, fatbike, single-speed, paved, gravel, singletrack, prairies, or mountains, group ride or solo, single-day or multi-day… There are lots of possibilities, so I decided to keep mine simple and planned for a single-day (sunrise to sunset), solo, road bike ride in the mountains, along the Jasper to Lake Louise Icefields Parkway.

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August 19, 2010

Smart Bike

A while back, Ken wrote an article on ‘The Future of Gadgets’, and the elegance of the un-cluttered handlebar.  Well, it looks like, and really we shouldn’t be that surprised, Apple has been working on this, and of course taken it to the next level. Why stop at providing consumers with a ‘smart phone’, when you can provide a ‘smart bike’ to go along with it? – Read More –

April 22, 2010

Rocky Mountain Element 90

Steadily over my mountain biking career, I’ve slowly upgraded the quality of bike I ride. I started with a Cannondale M800. With full LX, it was a good entry-level XC race bike, with no suspension at all – full rigid baby, and if I recall it retailed new for $2,200. Then I went and got a Jamis Expert XC, which had full suspension, and the XT/LX kit treated me well for two solid seasons. This rig retailed new for around $3,500. The summer of the Transrockies, I took Ken’s Specialized Epic Marathon off his hands and learned what it’s like to ride a true high-end XC bike. Full SRAM XO. Full FOX suspension, with the ‘Brain’. This bike was light, fast, responsive – it’s an XC machine that retailed new for $5,500. Now, I’ve upgraded one more time to a 2009 Rocky Mountain Element 90.

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March 4, 2010

New Sled

I can’t be unique in ‘thinking/dreaming’ about getting a new bike every time I walk into a bike shop. If you’re a rider, you just can’t help it. I think it’s the smell of the rubber… haha… I don’t know. Maybe it’s something the shops pump into the air – some kind of ‘buy-a-bike’ mind melding gas. You walk in and the bikes sit there, gleaming, in their racks, just calling out to be ridden. And, really, who am I to be so cold hearted that I can’t give at least one of them a good home. Well, today I got the call, ‘Sheldon, good news. You can come pick up your new bike!’ – Read More –

February 26, 2010

The Elephant and the Rider

Sometimes, although it’s rare, I can have trouble sleeping. I recall vividly, summer holidays between grade 5 and grade 6 was the first time I experienced this. It was so strange to me. We were camping at the time, spending all day outside, running around, biking, fishing, hiking. Come night time, I would be tired, ready to go to bed, but then I’d just lay there, and the lay there, listening for grizzly bears outside the tent. Good times, good times… So that was my first memory of having a hard time falling asleep, and since then, I can likely count the other times on two hands. It’s as I said, a rare thing for me. When it does happen now though, it’s normally due to some excitement, or stress in my life surrounding change or uncertainty. My brain will stay active long after my body decides it’s time to fall asleep. Lately, I’ve been wrapped up in a lot, between work, home life, training and riding, helping out here and there with some other side projects and so on. I’ve got lots on my mind, which is how I like it, as the vast majority of it fun to think about, but come 11pm when I want to shut the ol’ noodle off, it hasn’t been happening. So, what now? – Read More –

February 12, 2010

Kokanee Sponsors River Valley Cycle XC Race Team

Last night River Valley Cycle hosted its HUGE customer appreciation night, and announced Kokanee as the new sponsor of the RVC XC mountain bike team. It was a very cool night. The store was decked out with wall-to-wall deals on TLD gear and rides, from Santa Cruz, Kona to Rocky Mountain. For a long while there, the place was so packed you had a hard time getting around  to check everything out. Not to worry though, the RVC staff served up a choice open buffet and there was lots of Kokanee to go around!

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January 29, 2010

Lance Armstrong in Edmonton

7:15am. My alarmclock radio goes off, and as I come to, what do I hear? Lance Armstrong is coming to Edmonton! For two days, Aug 25-26, he’ll be in our fair Capital City to raise awareness and funds in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s not every morning you wake up to the – Read More –

January 25, 2010

iPhone Cycling Apps

Every now and then, Ken will say something that makes sense. It’s not that often though, so I wanted to be sure that I marked this very ‘rare’ occasion.

Several months back, Ken wrote an article on bike gadgetry. Like many trendy, designer-types, when it comes to all things design, Ken is a fan of what I’d call, ‘intelligent or elegant simplicity’ – esthetics come second only to function. So, in an ongoing effort to keep his bike cockpit clear of cables, cords and compu-clutter, he posited on the application of the iPhone as a cycle computer. At the time, it was easy enough to see the possibilities, but the idea of attaching your precious iPhone to your headset as you hurl down some single-track didn’t seem very practical. Even a road ride would pose some risk – pavement isn’t known for its forgiveness. All that said, this hasn’t deterred a number of cycling apps from being designed. – Read More –

January 22, 2010

Fat vs. Carbs – The Fuel Battle

So, this week I met with my new coach, a Mr. Mike Sarnecki. He’s going to see me through the following months, as I get ready for my second race season. Though I haven’t seen my new training schedule yet, I’m guessing my volumes are about to increase here right away. I have some big goals this year though so I’m ready to put in some solid time. In prep for this, I’m going to need to be a bit more diligent about my diet – specifically, my caloric intake. I’m happy to report, I’ve dumped all the weight I gained over the Christmas Holidays (some 9 lbs) and I’m back to a reasonable fighting weight. This is good news but, I’ll need to be sure I’m fueling my body properly moving forward, or risk dropping more weight, which I don’t want to do. More than that though, this year I want to make sure I’m fueling my body with the ‘right’ stuff, so as part of that, I started to dig into the Fat vs. Carbs debate. – Read More –

January 13, 2010

The Expressions Say It All

In Ken and my last post, we laid out our ’10 goals, and one of mine was racing Cyclo Cross again. Now, time does a funny thing to memory, in that it usually chooses to remember the good times most clearly. I think this is what my memory has done with Cyclo Cross. I think – Read More –

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