road cycling

June 29, 2016

Jasper to Lake Louise Highline Ride

Someone asked me a little while ago, ‘how far could you ride?’ I said, ‘that depends… are we talking mountain or road bike?’. ‘Road bike, in one day’, they replied.  I thought about it, and admitted even tough I’d done a couple 100 mile rides before, I didn’t really know… But suddenly, I was thinking about how to find out.

Distance, or ‘enduro’ cycling can take different forms: road, mountain, fatbike, single-speed, paved, gravel, singletrack, prairies, or mountains, group ride or solo, single-day or multi-day… There are lots of possibilities, so I decided to keep mine simple and planned for a single-day (sunrise to sunset), solo, road bike ride in the mountains, along the Jasper to Lake Louise Icefields Parkway.

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May 30, 2012

Canadian Cycling Greats

As many of you already know, Ryder Hesjedal made history this last weekend, by winning the 2012 Giro d’Italia. Ryder became the first Canadian to win the Giro, but even bigger than that, he became the first Canadian to win a Grand Tour!

Personally, I was surprised by this in a couple ways. Firstly, and don’t take this the wrong way, but I was surprised Ryder won it. Of course, I wanted him to win it and hoped he would, but looking back to the start of the Giro I can’t say I considered him much more than a dark horse. Secondly, for some reason I was somehow surprised that he was the first Canuck to ever win a Grand Tour… Now, clearly this shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone, especially when you think about it – Grand Tours don’t exactly happen every day. There are but a handful each year, and to have a Canadian who is fast enough to be in the running and then to have everything come together to actually get the win… Well, let’s just agree that this is going to be a rare and very special thing, making what Ryder achieved just that much more incredible.

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March 15, 2011

Spring Roads ≠ Fun for Cyclists

Potholes galore! I’m not sure what spring is like where you’re from, but if you’re from pretty much anywhere in Canada, spring is messy, gritty, dirty and wet! Toss in about a million potholes that threaten to rattle your vehicle into oblivion, and you’ve got what I consider the worst time of the year. There was a time when I felt spring was the best! It offered the promise of so many good things, like warmer temps, melting snow, green grass, and of course riding season. But, now, although all of those things remain true, I just don’t see spring in the same way. Of course, it’s not quite spring yet here, but we’re starting to see signs of it now with a major melt going on. There is road-sand everywhere, puddles the size of small slews, and potholes big enough to try and swallow the front end of your car. I hit one of them this weekend, and now my car’s alignment is, well, askew… That, or I may have bent a rim. Needless to say, riding outside on our city streets in this kind of muck is not high on my ‘bucket list’. Oh, did I mention we’re expecting one of the worst years for potholes in Edmonton, ever?! Guess we’re just lucky. – Read More –

February 10, 2011

Track Star: Tara Whitten

As a U of A alumnus and subscriber to the New Trail Alumni magazine, I’m often impressed by the achievements of those who’ve studied at the U of A – case in point, Tara Whitten. I had the pleasure of meeting Tara and interviewing her post-race at Road Nationals in Edmonton this past summer, but it – Read More –