River Valley Cycle

October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend cyclocross two-fer special

This past weekend it was of course, Canadian Thanksgiving, but also a double-header cyclocross weekend. Saturday was the Juventus Jim Horner Cyclocross Grand Prix, and Sunday was the Redbike Red Cross. Being a ‘brand new’ dad, I opted not to race Saturday, but I was there as a spectator and I only had to take – Read More –

May 25, 2010

Edmonton Canada Cup Feature Racer – Krystyn Ong

In the second installment of the Edmonton Canada Cup, Husky Feature Racer series, I had a chance to catch up with a River Valley Cycle teammate of mine, Krystyn Ong. She’s been in the racing game for a while already and has a lot of experience and insight to offer. Here’s the Q & A: – Read More –

April 22, 2010

Rocky Mountain Element 90

Steadily over my mountain biking career, I’ve slowly upgraded the quality of bike I ride. I started with a Cannondale M800. With full LX, it was a good entry-level XC race bike, with no suspension at all – full rigid baby, and if I recall it retailed new for $2,200. Then I went and got a Jamis Expert XC, which had full suspension, and the XT/LX kit treated me well for two solid seasons. This rig retailed new for around $3,500. The summer of the Transrockies, I took Ken’s Specialized Epic Marathon off his hands and learned what it’s like to ride a true high-end XC bike. Full SRAM XO. Full FOX suspension, with the ‘Brain’. This bike was light, fast, responsive – it’s an XC machine that retailed new for $5,500. Now, I’ve upgraded one more time to a 2009 Rocky Mountain Element 90.

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February 12, 2010

Kokanee Sponsors River Valley Cycle XC Race Team

Last night River Valley Cycle hosted its HUGE customer appreciation night, and announced Kokanee as the new sponsor of the RVC XC mountain bike team. It was a very cool night. The store was decked out with wall-to-wall deals on TLD gear and rides, from Santa Cruz, Kona to Rocky Mountain. For a long while there, the place was so packed you had a hard time getting around  to check everything out. Not to worry though, the RVC staff served up a choice open buffet and there was lots of Kokanee to go around!

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