April 21, 2011

The (Bike) Doctor is in

Regardless of what circles they run in, or how long they’ve been on a bike there are always cyclists who could either use a little bit of extra knowledge in the repair department, or are somehow completely mechanically disinclined. I’ve seen friends stranded trail-side without a clue on how to get rolling again as well as those who attempt repairs only to end up with their bike worse off than when they started… Well finally it can be said that “there’s an app for that.” – Read More –

September 30, 2010

The Catlike Whisper Plus

Back in 2009 when Sheldon and I were prepping for the Transrockies, one of the things we were busy doing was organizing the Bikeridr kit… And what kit is complete without matching lids?! We hunted high and low and our top contenders at the time were from Giro and Specialized.

Around the time we were narrowing our selections the Cervélo Test Team was making their debut at the 2009 Tour de France, sporting some distinctly euro lids that caught our eye… The rest as they say, was history. – Read More –

February 22, 2010

Sugoi Winter Riding Bootie

Winter riding is still very new to me. I’m loving it though, and slowly amassing all me gear; base and mid-layers, shells, gloves, neck warmers and, yes, booties! I started the winter riding season with just varying combinations of multi-layer socks. That was okay, but not great. My feet would stay warm for a while, but once my shoes got damp, it was bad news… And you know what they say, ‘cold head, cold feet, cold core.’

I then tried cheaping out and getting the neoprene toe covers…

– Read More –

December 11, 2009

Christmas Wish List of a Bike-o-holoic

Ho! Ho! Ho! With Christmas fast approaching, and I do mean fast, I figured it was time to start thinking about it. I don’t know what my deal was this year; maybe it was the fact we had no snow until last week, but Christmas just seems to have come out of nowhere. That said, now I’m super excited. Christmas has to be my favourite season, only next to riding season, maybe :-)

So, with just two weeks to go, I thought although it’d be cliché, it’d still be fun to run down my 2010 Smart pics/‘personal Christmas wish list’.  Amaze, thrill, and astound your naughty, or nice, bike-addicted loved ones with any of these. – Read More –

November 11, 2009

Global Rides – Climbing Sufferage in Italy

I got an email a few weeks ago from Gene Nacey – founder of Global Rides, a company specializing in “first person” riding experiences for indoor training – wondering if I’d be interested in giving one of his DVDs a test-run. Not being the biggest fan of training indoors, I agreed enthusiastically… I’m eager to try anything that helps alleviate the potential boredom of training inside on your own.

Global Rides has managed to pack a lot of nice (and thoughtful) touches into this DVD, and it’s apparent right from the menu. Right off the start you’re able to make the choice as to whether or not you’d like music, and if you’d like a coach guiding your ride. I’ve only used the DVD a handful of times, but I can already see that it will be nice to have the flexibility and variety of spinning to your choice of tunes, and/or to ride a slightly different program than the one that’s offered on the DVD. – Read More –