May 8, 2013

Power Drain

I’ve only got two races in the bag so far this year. The first was the Blizzard winter race and the second was a spring series road race. All in, I’d say I felt pretty happy with my performance in both, taking the bottom step of the podium in the Blizzard race, and managing to run with some of the big dogs for ‘most’ of the road race last weekend, before getting shot out the back of the lead group on the 4th lap. What was really interesting about this race to me though, was my power data and being able to see the sequential drops in power, lap by lap…

When I popped, my power literally dropped off a cliff on lap 4/5 – it was pretty astounding… I went from an average power of 229watts on lap 3, to an average of 196w on lap 4. Then it dropped off another cliff on lap 5, practically flat-lining like a patient suffering cardiac arrest at 172w… I was cooked! And it didn’t matter how hard I pushed, or how big of a suffer-face I made because I was done and done.

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March 21, 2012

Perspective of Power

Have you ever seen a power profile from a pro cyclist? Ever wonder how you match up on the Power/Watts per Kilo scale verses the pros? I have… And, it ain’t exactly pretty.

Just a few weeks ago when I was in Calgary to visit with my pal and Bikeridr Co-Blogger, Ken Hurd, we decided to do a power test using my Saris Power Tap. *** Disclaimer: Neither of us took it too seriously, given Ken had been sick and off the bike for quite a while – and we’d enjoyed some good wine the night before. But, we figured it’d still be fun, and good for a laugh. The test we chose was a 1 minute max effort, followed by an 8 minute max effort. I had done both in the past, so I had some benchmark data we could compare things too. I went first, and put in a solid effort, successfully pushing myself into that near delirious, narrowed-visioned, and slightly confused state, only races and power tests truly deliver.

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