April 30, 2013

Dear Runner – Pay Attention!

Sunlight. Clouds. Wind. Flora. Fauna.

All lost on you.

You don’t notice any of it… You don’t appreciate it a lick.

Instead, your head is down, oblivious to everything, gearing up for your power song – Survivor, by Destiny’s Child.

Now, I get it. I really do. Despite my preference for two wheels, I still run. I understand and appreciate that zone of focus, concentration and oblivion. I too find that slipping in some earbuds and having the beat drop helps turn my feet over and keep me moving. The problem is that this isn’t a race and you’re not alone. So open your goddamned eyes and ears and pay attention.

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June 6, 2012

I don’t ring my bell

I have a confession… I don’t ring my bell.

Well – At least, I don’t ring it nearly as often as I used to.

Along with a transition to a new office in a different part of town came an adjustment to the route of my commute. Now, instead of cutting through the heart of downtown amongst the traffic, I spend most of my time on Calgary’s pathway system. 

Now on the surface, this may seem like a perfect scenario, but the pathway system deals with a rush hour all to itself… Cyclists of every experience level, dog-walkers, runners, Tai Chi-ers, geese, ducks, squirrels and everything in-between.

Prior to my new routing my time on the pathway was somewhat fleeting and through a much less populous area. During this time I rang my bell religiously, merrily ‘ting-tinging’ my way to work. But if I were to ring my bell with that level of frequency along my new route I’d end up ringing my bell faster than I’m turning the pedals.

So I stopped.

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