May 19, 2011

Hipster City Cycle Is Here!

Back in November I wrote about a pretty cool lil’ iPhone app/game that was in the works called Hipster City Cycle – Well, after a few more months of development it’s finally here!

It makes it’s debut in the App Store today, but Bikeridr got it’s hands on the app early so I’ve used the past few days to give it a go… I’m happy to say it’s lived up to my expectations :-D – Read More –

April 21, 2011

The (Bike) Doctor is in

Regardless of what circles they run in, or how long they’ve been on a bike there are always cyclists who could either use a little bit of extra knowledge in the repair department, or are somehow completely mechanically disinclined. I’ve seen friends stranded trail-side without a clue on how to get rolling again as well as those who attempt repairs only to end up with their bike worse off than when they started… Well finally it can be said that “there’s an app for that.” – Read More –

August 19, 2010

Smart Bike

A while back, Ken wrote an article on ‘The Future of Gadgets’, and the elegance of the un-cluttered handlebar.  Well, it looks like, and really we shouldn’t be that surprised, Apple has been working on this, and of course taken it to the next level. Why stop at providing consumers with a ‘smart phone’, when you can provide a ‘smart bike’ to go along with it? – Read More –

January 25, 2010

iPhone Cycling Apps

Every now and then, Ken will say something that makes sense. It’s not that often though, so I wanted to be sure that I marked this very ‘rare’ occasion.

Several months back, Ken wrote an article on bike gadgetry. Like many trendy, designer-types, when it comes to all things design, Ken is a fan of what I’d call, ‘intelligent or elegant simplicity’ – esthetics come second only to function. So, in an ongoing effort to keep his bike cockpit clear of cables, cords and compu-clutter, he posited on the application of the iPhone as a cycle computer. At the time, it was easy enough to see the possibilities, but the idea of attaching your precious iPhone to your headset as you hurl down some single-track didn’t seem very practical. Even a road ride would pose some risk – pavement isn’t known for its forgiveness. All that said, this hasn’t deterred a number of cycling apps from being designed. – Read More –

July 27, 2009

On the future of gadgets

As a self-confessed gadget geek and data whore, it’s really exciting to see the technology that’s starting to become available, and at moderately reasonable price-points to boot (ie. power-meters, heart-rate monitors, iPhone apps, etc.).

When a friend of mine forwarded me this Wired article highlighting some neat cycling-specific applications for Apple’s iPhone and it got me thinking about where sporting gadgets are headed and, after further reflection, I concluded that we’re still just scratching the surface of what can be done with our devices.

Some of the iPhone apps mentioned in the Wired article touted routine bicycling needs like speed, distance travelled, and brake lighting, but some went a little deeper – like calculating gear ratios based on crank lengths, wheel sizes and cog/sproket sizes. Definitely some interesting thinking happening here.

Despite some nifty functionality, none of these applications are going to revolutionize cycling as we know it just yet, but they do open the door to combat one of my most hated gadget by-products… Gadget clutter.

The by-product of which is my elusive search for the uncluttered handlebar… – Read More –