I always joked that I should do an article on hairy vs.shaved legs. Being the one who was potentially going to be “field testing” this article everybody I explained the article to thought it was a fantastic idea. In all likelihood, they just wanted to see my cleanly shorn legs and potentially embarrass myself in-front of the internets.

As I immerse myself in cycling culture, I find more and more of it intriguing. Of course I’m a total gear and tech head (who isn’t), and despite being too slow for it to help I’m interested in understanding race strategy and psychology, but there are other things that I wanted to get to the bottom of as well. Bib shorts was one, those silly hats might be another, but today the focus will be on why cyclists believe the shaved leg to be superior to the hairy one.

After some brief research I discovered that there are ultimately 7 reasons cyclists turn to the blade: – Read More –