June 9, 2011

Girls + Track = ❤

Are you a gal interested in giving track cycling a shot? Are you a guy with a ladyfriend who you would like to see get involved in track cycling?

If yes, @hydec tipped me off to a great (and likely limited time) offer in Caglary, so opportunity is knocking!!

For $100, you can get an 8 week coached program looking to introduce women to track cycling.

No bike? No problem… The Calgary Bicycle Track League (CBTL) has you covered – The program also includes the use of their rental track bikes :-D – Read More –

February 25, 2009

So you want your wife to ride…

Generally speaking I like to think I’m a wonderful husband – kind, loving, romantic, caring, generous, the list goes on and on ;-) However, despite my almost unending list of wonderful qualities, it seemed that teaching/coercing a love of mountain biking out my wife was something I did not have the skills for.

Sure I got her out a couple times, and I think she even managed to have fun for a couple of minutes, but somehow I was unable to instill the joy that would keep her coming back for more.

Though there are many benefits to getting your wife on a bike, the main motivator for me was the fact that I really like riding a bike, and I really like spending time with my wife. If I was somehow able to combine these two things, I’d be set! I find anytime I can share a passion with my wife I enjoy it that much better.

I had originally thought that it might be fun for Kerstin and I to do a ‘camp’ together, but I knew that given our different levels of expertise we’d be put into different groups. However, during my hunt for a decent camp I ran across the Sugoi Dirt Series. It seemed like a pretty A-list camp with great instructors (including Alyson Sydor, among others) and one of the camps was conveniently located in Canmore (about 45min from our house). I decided to see if Kerstin was willing to embark on this adventure on her own. After a little bit of hesitation she agreed – a quick questionnaire and a digital swipe of the Visa later, she was set.

Now, rather than recount Kerstin’s story, I thought I’d let her put it in her own words, so without further ado: – Read More –