geoff kabush

October 17, 2012

People Speed Don’t They?

Doping is wrong. Cheating is wrong, period. Let’s start with that, and all agree with that.

Here’s a totally made-up and theoretical conversation I did not just have recently:
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May 23, 2012

The 29er

Looking for a new bike? The bike industry certainly hopes you are… You probably need to upgrade to a full suspension, or to go back to a hardtail. Maybe you’re finally ready to go carbon, (or Ti if you’re really cool), or more than likely you’re looking at moving to the 29er.

Personally, I’ve resisted the 29er revolution so far. I have pals who swear by them, who kick my butt on them, saying things like ‘it’s way faster than my old 26″ bike’, or ‘it climbs way better than any 26″!’

To date though, I’ve been buying into the counter-proganda, citing the additional weight, and the decreased agility as the big reasons to not go 29er. I will also admit, the first time I saw a 29er was when I got to go on a group ride with Gary Fisher himself. He was riding the Gary Fisher Hi-Fi Delux and as cool as I thought he was, I found the big wheels really awkward looking – and to be honest I still sort of do. I even snubbed my nose when people pointed out how many pros have made the jump, assuming it was just symptomatic of the team sponsors, the manufacturers mandating the pros to ride them – thinking this is hardly an endorsement for the technology, or we’d see all the pros racing them.

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November 26, 2009

Geoff Kabush is a cool guy

In light of it being Thanksgiving weekend for our American readers, and in light of the recent video Sheldon put together of me trash talking him, I thought it might be appropriate to give thanks for our sport and wicked-cool people that are into it.

Reading an interview with Geoff Kabush regarding his cyclocross season, I ran across some responses that had some real style to them… Maybe I’ve watched too many [insert regular team sport here – hockey/football/baseball/etc.] interviews, but I’m pretty sick how a traditional interview pans out… I understand that the atheletes don’t want to piss anybody off, and yes, they alway give 110%, and I understand that really, it’s all about the team… But come on… Get a personality! – Read More –