September 14, 2011

The Furious 3 Returns!

As those who followed our race coverage from this summers Furious 3 know – It wasn’t exactly a textbook race for me… But a taco’d wheel and a brief jaunt off-course aren’t enough to deter me from wholeheartedly recommending that you add the Furious 3 to your race schedule next year.

All the things that drew me into the race the first time are still what make this race fantastic – things like:

  • The clover leaf formation that allows for one ‘main’ base-camp (family friendly)
  • Easy access to Fernie and everything it offers (whether you’re enjoying downtown, or going for a hike)
  • The slightly shorter days that allow you to use your afternoons to relax and/or recover

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July 7, 2011

The Furious 3 – From the Saddle

116km, 6,490 calories, 4,046m of climbing and 3 days later, the inaugural Furious 3 is behind us.

As I had lamented in a post prior to the race, I was feeling a little undertrained. And by undertrained, I mean that I hadn’t really trained at all, and that my time on the bike almost solely consisted of my commute to work. Truth be told, the Furious 3 was the first legitimate time I’d spent on my mountain bike.

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November 9, 2010

The Furious Winner!

Well, it was a good run! There were some great comments and it was awesome to see the community get behind this contest and to have so many people ready and willing to take the plunge into stage racing!

Unfortunately, just like out on the race course, there can be only one victor – And after tabulating all the entries, adding additional entries for our favorites, we have a winner!! – Read More –