flat tire

July 11, 2012

Flat Out

‘Ppttsssss…’ That’s the sound of air bursting out of your tire, which is usually followed immediately by the sound of you shouting ‘Son of a ‘b%#t&h!’

Flats haven’t ever been a common thing for me – I might even be able to recall each of them, counting them just on my two hands. I remember pinch flatting on a parking block once. I can vividly remember the time I slashed my tire open on shale on the Transrockies, just 1km from a stage finish – other teams breathing down our necks. The memory of me having to walk through downtown Edmonton (full lycra) with my bike, is a fond one… I was even whistled at.

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June 7, 2011

Emergency Repairs

We all know the deal. We all know what we should be carrying on the trail. But let’s be honest… Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan… Or for that matter, even according to the backup plan.

Brought a spare tube? Good for you, but if you’ve flatted on the way up and torn a sidewall on the way down, you may have ended up needing a little trail-side MacGyver magic!

In the spirit of everybody’s swiss-army knife totting hero, I’ve curated a small compilation of emergency trail-side fixes: – Read More –

November 2, 2010

Running flat

I hate flat tires. Really, I hate them. I resent being on the side of the road or trail and having to pull my tire off to slip a new tube in. It angers and frustrates me. It’s a part of cycling, to be sure, but I think my impatience is a direct result of having run a tubeless set up (w/Stans) on my mountain bike for over 6 years now.

With that said, I haven’t tried any of the conversion kits for 700c wheels to free myself of the burdensome tube, so my commuter/cyclocross rig is still reliant on these thin rubber air condoms. It wasn’t until recently that it really got to me though…

During the span of about a week and a half I flatted on every single outing save one. – Read More –