July 3, 2011

Furious 3 – The Final Leg

Stage Three (the final leg) of the inaugural Fernie edition of the Furious 3 mountain bike race is in the bag! It was another early morning start (8am) for racers, and despite an initial false start due to reports there was a train blocking the route out of town, everything got underway smoothly.

There were ominously dark clouds looming overhead at times this morning, but talking to racers at the start line, moods were high, and everyone was looking forward to a shorter day (32km) with less climbing and possibly the best day of singletrack yet! Race organizers expected things to happen fast, with the lead racers coming in around the 2 hour mark – and they weren’t far off, because after only 1 hour and 50 minutes we saw our first two racers across the line. – Read More –

July 2, 2011

Furious 3 – Stage Two

Stage Two of the Furious 3 mountain bike race began with an early morning 8am start, as racers were sent off in three waves. The first wave was comprised of the racers who’d posted the fastest times yesterday. Team Mike & Mike (Team PEDAL) were in this group today, having come in an impressive 7th yesterday. Ken, despite having to take a time penalty after his crash, was seeded solidly in the second wave (59th).

Speaking to him this morning, even after crashing hard yesterday, he was in an Advil-induced state of high-optimism, and with a new front wheel (Thanks to Sam Mothana and good folks at the Guide Hut) Ken was looking forward to getting out on the trails. That said, the looming 4,400 feet of elevation had him, and everyone I spoke to, feeling a little apprehensive. Tired and stiff legs, bumps and scrapes are pretty common-place badges of honour for most racers on day two of a stage race. – Read More –

July 1, 2011

Furious 3 – Stage One

Riders rolled into the start area en mass with gleaming bikes, and high expectations for the first day of Fernie singletrack, and based on what everyone said afterwards, it delivered in spades.

Though the first stage today, was by some measure, ‘short’ (40km), the elevation gain more than made up for it, with the course sending riders up steep, slick-rooted (still wet from the rains yesterday) and technical singletrack, before rewarding them with well-known epic Fernie downhills. This made the first stage a fast one overall, with lead riders coming in just under the 2 hour 10 minute mark! – Read More –

June 23, 2011

Furious 3: Bikeridr On the Scene

As many of you know, the inaugural Furious 3 stage race in Fernie is coming up really fast now  – in fact, it’s next week! So, if you’re racing it, I’m sure you’ve done all your LSD miles, and hours & hours of hill repeats to get ready. I had the pleasure of riding in – Read More –

November 9, 2010

The Furious Winner!

Well, it was a good run! There were some great comments and it was awesome to see the community get behind this contest and to have so many people ready and willing to take the plunge into stage racing!

Unfortunately, just like out on the race course, there can be only one victor – And after tabulating all the entries, adding additional entries for our favorites, we have a winner!! – Read More –