June 12, 2012

Bikeology Festival Is On!

Local Bike Shop DayIn case you’re a cyclist who lives under a rock, it is that time of year again – the velo-celebration of all things that make up Bike Month (June, in case you’re wondering). Along with a pretty cool government PSA campaign going on here in YEG, highlighting the need for motorists and cyclists alike to learn to co-exist on our roads, there are also the cursory green and white road signs the city puts up as well.

But now, let the fun begin!

People are organizing all kinds of great, fun events this month to celebrate Bike Month, Local Bike Store Day, and the Rapha Ride with Alex Stieda being great examples. But on a larger, festival-like scale, we have the Bikeology Festival, which is described as a month-long velo-love festival. Not surprisingly, there is really strong support for this annual civic event. Sponsors of the festival are numerous, from MEC, to DaCapo, ETS, Rainbow Communications, Earth’s General Store and the Alberta Arts Council, not to mention many others.

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September 28, 2009

Critical Mass – Edmonton ’09

Happy Monday morning to you all!

For a while I’ve said that I wasn’t sure Critical Mass was a good idea. The way I saw it, cyclist were picking one Friday each month during rush hour to take to the streets en mass and hold up traffic; I didn’t see how this would exactly endear cyclists in the hearts of motorists. So, last Friday I took part in Edmonton’s Critical Mass to see for myself what it was about. I didn’t know what to expect: peaceful celebration of a growing bicycle and commuter culture, or blatant bone-head protest toward motorists. Were we out there to just slow Friday afternoon traffic and frustrate them? Were motorists going to be hostile as we rode through downtown? I was a little nervous about it, but I figured it would probably be somewhere in between. – Read More –

August 3, 2009

Bikes Are Traffic Not Targets

So, for two years in a row now… No. Wait, let me start this with saying I was almost hit by a white SUV this weekend. And when I say ‘almost’ hit, I’m not exaggerating – it was close. This in itself wouldn’t be that noteworthy, in that near misses happen all the time in traffic whether you’re in a car or on a bike, but this was different. I really feel that this time the driver swerved into me. – Read More –

December 1, 2008

Urban Fare

Edmonton river valley below the Provincial Museum. One of the best best areas in the valley by far.

November 28, 2008

Urban Flow

First crack at building a film using the new iMovie. Footage is from summer of 2008 and shot here in the Edmonton river valley. Lots of good trails down there, and you do spend a lot of time grinding your way out of the valley if you want to enjoy any downhill action. Good for – Read More –

November 19, 2008

Good Times in E-town

Headed up to Edmonton and did some riding over the weekend. It was fun being back in Edmonton, ripping through the river valley and all my old trails. Sheldon and I did some hack-job-filming, comprised mainly of his Canon Elph, a ‘Gorilla’ tripod, and lots of duct tape. The final product isn’t really that bad, – Read More –