June 17, 2010


As a cross country rider I’ve long since come to terms with climbing. I may even enjoy it in a masochistic type of way. But the real reason most of us enjoy climbing, the real payoff, comes after the fact… When gravity turns from your foe, to your ally.

I appreciate the balance that climbing everything I descend offers, but there are times when you just want to point your wheel down the hill and let ‘er rip… To constantly feel the wind in your hair, weaving between rocks, roots and singletrack in search of the best flow.

It’s the appreciation of these things that got me so excited to work with two friends of mine and help realize a dream of theirs. – Read More –

November 2, 2009

Steve Peat is Frigin’ Kewl

Steve Peat was the ’09 Downhill World Champion this year, which is pretty cool on its own, but I gotta say, in the this vid by Santa Cruz, he’s made way cooler when you see just how humble and appreciative he is of making it to that top spot on the podium. Anyway, good behind – Read More –