Because of my tendency to adopt new technology early I’ve been a user of wireless cycling computers for around 10 years years now (probably since they first came out) and the inherent flakiness of them always baffled me. If we can get a wireless phone to transmit from one end of the house to the other, from the basement, why can we not master the communication of devices attached to your bicycle less than 2 meters apart?

Of course I realize the limitations on the receiver and transmitter size and all that good stuff, but still!?!? Come on!! Perhaps it’s one of the downfalls of me being immersed in technology everyday – a very small tolerance for technology that doesn’t work.

Over the course of my many years of experience I’ve dealt with many models, mainly from VDO and Sigma. I’ve been very disappointed in both. From consistent ‘communication’ issues with the computer to constantly dying batteries… It was starting to not be worth my while. Rather than give up however, I decided to try a different brand. Cateye had just come out with a computer they dubbed the “Strada Double Wireless.” One of the main reasons it caught my eye is that it tracks both speed and cadence through one sensor, attached to the rear wheel. The beauty of this is that it will work on the trail as well as on the trainer!

Given my spotted past with wireless devices my optimism was limited. – Read More –