April 30, 2013

Dear Runner – Pay Attention!

Sunlight. Clouds. Wind. Flora. Fauna.

All lost on you.

You don’t notice any of it… You don’t appreciate it a lick.

Instead, your head is down, oblivious to everything, gearing up for your power song – Survivor, by Destiny’s Child.

Now, I get it. I really do. Despite my preference for two wheels, I still run. I understand and appreciate that zone of focus, concentration and oblivion. I too find that slipping in some earbuds and having the beat drop helps turn my feet over and keep me moving. The problem is that this isn’t a race and you’re not alone. So open your goddamned eyes and ears and pay attention.

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September 22, 2011


Billed as “a poster party for bike people,” ARTCRANK is “a show of bicycle-inspired poster artwork that introduces people to talented local artists and sends them home with affordable, original works of art. Every ARTCRANK show features posters created by local artists from the host city. Admission is always free, and posters are priced to let everybody take home at least one.”

The posters are pretty much amazing (as you can see below), but over this past years tour attention from some pretty sincere players.

The first was Treks contribution to gallery with their ARTCRANK edition District. The result? An intriguing combination of traditional screen-printing techniques, pop art and Japanese animé. Intriguing!

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July 28, 2011

I need $10,650 and 14 affluent friends

Well truthfully, I need $10,650, a month off work, a round trip ticket to France and somebody to convince my wife this is a good idea.

The 14 affluent friends are optional.

While I have been slowly reacclimatizing myself to life without the Tour, I wondered – What could be greater than soaking in all this mainstream cycling coverage, coming into the office and enjoying water cooler chat about crashes, personal favourites and predictions for upcoming stages… What could be better, indeed?

Perhaps riding the Tour itself?

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January 11, 2011

Winter sucks!

Those of us in Alberta have recently been treated to nice big bear hug from Old Man Winter. Most of the province is locked in double digit negative temperatures and even lower wind chills. Almost gone are the memories of loamy, flowing singletrack and the rumble of rocks and sand you bomb downhill. The warmth of the summer sun seems but a distant dream.

But wait! Do not give way to despair, hope is not all lost!

Sacred Rides has just unleashed a contest for a truly epic winter mountain biking escape to your choice of Central or South America. Valued at over $5,000, these vacation options offer something for just about everybody: – Read More –

November 18, 2010

Start ’em young

Before you got the keys to your first car, how did you get around?

Ask this question to almost anybody, man or woman and the answer is likely “my bike.” For most kids, their bicycles are their first tastes of freedom, the first time the reigns are loosened and they’re able to explore their world more fully. But with the onset of high school, obtaining a drivers license becomes almost a singular focus for most teens. I know that like many other kids, the instant I got my license and got behind the wheel of my ’86 Parisienne my bike all but disappeared.

But what if there was a way to keep cycling in the picture? What if, in addition to football, basketball, volleyball and track, there was cycling? Long rides after school? Skills courses during phys. ed. class? High school just got a lot awesomer.

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September 10, 2009

Changing a Driver’s Perspective

After looking at the interest generated by Shelon’s “Bicycles are traffic, not targets” article and being recently bombarded by the seemingly endless list of cycling-related ‘accidents’ (most publicly, the bike messenger allegedly killed by an Ontario AG) I was curious as to what (if any) sort of resolution can be come to between those behind the wheel, and those on top of two.

ConfrontationIt’s probably safe to say that in most drivers eyes, cyclists are generally considered the scourge of the road. All we do is get in the way, and generally cause trouble.

Having been in both scenarios (ie. behind the wheel, and on top of two wheels) I will admit that there are times cyclists are a little lenient with the ‘rules of the road,’ myself included. I’ve seen cyclist routinely blow through red lights, skim through traffic, and cruise through crosswalks full of pedestrians. But, as one of the commenters mentioned in our last article – that’s the beauty of being on a bike – you’re not firmly leashed to what a vehicle can and cannot do.

Cyclists live somewhere in-between.

With that said, I’m not certain the seemingly deep-rooted hatred drivers have for cyclists is founded. I might put forward that many of the problems stem mainly from one source: a drivers mentality.

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