August 23, 2011

Woodgrain Bike Frames

What a cool way to spend your retirement – It’s always fascinating learning how retirees got to where they are and the story of how they began. It’s also inspiring to see somebody take the skills they’ve learned over their lives, stay passionate about it and apply it to something new. I’m getting quite a charge – Read More –

February 15, 2011

Get a Woody

I ran across an article the other day about the Madagascar Darwin bark spider. This spider is able to spin threads of silk 10 times stronger than kevlar and 18x more resilient to impact. Pretty amazing… This got me thinking that the magnificence of nature is pretty tough to ignore. Sometimes it seems that regardless of how much science and technology we throw at things, nature has many times already done it better.

I was struck by the same thinking when I ran across the Renovo website. – Read More –

November 27, 2009

Have it your way

It seems that bikes are going much the way of the Burger King hamburger, and it’s turning out that you can Have It Your Way™. In efforts to constantly give customers something new and help them differentiate themselves from the pack some companies have started offering custom rides, similar to what you see the leaders of the Tour de France riding.

I think there’s always been a desire to make your bike “yours”, from custom cable colors, matching bolts, spiffy tire colors and countless others. I have to admit that I too am a casualty of ‘custom envy’. I recall meeting up for a ride shortly after Sheldon took over ownership of my Cannondale R300 and I hardly recognized the bike he pulled out… Gleaming yellow handlebar tape, striped yellow racing rubber and a few other touches… He had definitely made it his own… A cold twinge of jealousy ran down my spine for sure ;-)

Nowadays, however, swapping out tape, rubber and bolts isn’t enough… Nowadays people want something unmistakably unique. One of the biggest statement a bike owner can make is with a custom paint job… Sure people have been powder coating and painting frames for a while, but it’s usually been on old or ‘hobby’ bikes. Now you can do it with your brand new $8,000 SRAM Red race rocket! – Read More –