I’m fortunate enough to live on top of a big hill. I’m fortunate enough to cruise down it every morning on my way to work, and fortunate enough to have to grind back up it every evening. The unfortunate by-product of this is that I go through brakes in fairly short intervals. The really unfortunate extension of this is that the brakes on my commuting/cross bike are cantilevers.

As anybody who’s ridden canti’s can attest, they are, and forever shall be, the devil.

Nothing shakes the fillings out of your teeth worse than a set of badly aligned cantilever brakes howling their way down a hill. Having run canti’s on mountain bikes ‘back in the day’ I can tell you will 100% clarity that installing/aligning them is anything but a science. It is a dark and mysterious art… One that I am still struggling to master. That said, should you find yourself in the same boat as I, I thought I might share some tidbits of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way.

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