bow cycle

October 2, 2012

T’was a Dark Knight CX Race

For a long time, I’ve wondered what it would be like to go to one of the big USGP CX races down in Bend, Oregon, or even over in Europe – the epic courses, the big heckling crowds, the festival atmosphere with music, costumes, signs and beer! I want to experience that one day – it’s officially on my Bucket List.

So, what’s the next best thing if you’re living here in Alberta? Gotta be the Dark Knight!

Set up inside the bobsleigh/luge run up at COP in Calgary, this race has all the core aspects of a great event, not to mention a race. It’s located within the city, making it easy to get to, especially for those of us travelling there, staying in hotels, etc… There’s lots of parking right at the site, and room for big crowds of cowbell ringing spectators and you can crank the music without waking up the neighbours!

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March 9, 2010

Goldsprints & Good Times

This past Saturday BowCycle held a “Club Appreciation Night,” honoring their sponsored clubs with free run of a closed store, some killer deals and some Goldsprints mixed in for good measure.

For those unaware (as was I), a Goldsprint is essentially a roller race held in front of a crowd. In our case there were three track (ie. fixed gear) bikes attached to rollers. The rollers were attached to a laptop which then projected our progress over a 300m sprint.

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November 16, 2009

Bow Cycle 2010 Bike Expo

I hate bike shops… They always do cool stuff, and have cool things, and make me want to part with my hard earned cash. This weekend was no different.

My wife and I decided to swing by the Bow Cycle 2010 Bike Expo, and it was a load of fun. There were reps on hand from Kona, Specialized, Norco, Cannondale, Cervélo, Banshee, Surly, Scott, and Electra… Phew… I get tired just typing it. A lot of killer bikes to take in to say the least. – Read More –