Aaron Schooler

October 20, 2014

Who is Hot Sauce?!

If you’ve been to an Alberta CX race this season, you’ve probably¬†seen the boldly branded Shepard Fairey inspired Hot Sauce t-shirts and cycling caps around. It was the caps that I noticed first, poking out from under more and more helmets at each start-line as the season progressed. Then, at the Dark Knight I saw a booth, and¬†I walked up and asked, ‘So… what is Hot Sauce’, to which the fellow behind the merch table replied, ‘the question is, who is Hot Sauce…?’

Meet Mark McConnell.

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November 22, 2011

Aaron Schooler Interview Part 3

In this third and final instalment of my interview with Team H&R Block’s Aaron Schooler, I ask him who he thinks has the edge come CX season, the Roadie or the MTB’r. Personally, in general, I have to hand it to the roadies because they show up with such great fitness. At least this is – Read More –

November 3, 2011

Aaron Schooler Interview Part 2

Following up on the post from last week, here is the second instalment of my interview with Team H&R Block‘s, Aaron Schooler. In this part of the interview Aaron talks about the shift from roads to cyclocross season, and the changes he makes to his own training. For more information on Aaron, check out his – Read More –

October 27, 2011

Aaron Schooler Interview

Cyclocross has become by far, my favourite discipline of racing. Fast, furiously difficult and fun as all hell. Earlier in the season, I got to tag along with Rob from Sri Importing and Team H&R Block’s Aaron Schooler on cyclocross training ride. Aaron gave us both some first rate 1 on 2 coaching (including the – Read More –