January 13, 2011

Losing the Battle of the Bulge

Weeee! Reaching new heights, is not always a good thing… Especially when you’re talking about body weight.

Like last year, I find myself standing on the scale in January staring down at an all time high for me. Discouraging? Yes. Surprising? Not at all. I’ve been slackin’ for months and eating terribly. Well, actually, as a new parent, I shouldn’t go too hard on myself, but that doesn’t change the fact that’s I’ve been off the bike since end of Cross Season  almost completely, and I haven’t been doing anything else to replace it really. Sure, I’ve been getting a token workout in every now and then, a ride here, a ski there, but given the way I’ve been eating, let’s just say, I’m losing the battle of the bulge. – Read More –

January 11, 2011

Winter sucks!

Those of us in Alberta have recently been treated to nice big bear hug from Old Man Winter. Most of the province is locked in double digit negative temperatures and even lower wind chills. Almost gone are the memories of loamy, flowing singletrack and the rumble of rocks and sand you bomb downhill. The warmth of the summer sun seems but a distant dream.

But wait! Do not give way to despair, hope is not all lost!

Sacred Rides has just unleashed a contest for a truly epic winter mountain biking escape to your choice of Central or South America. Valued at over $5,000, these vacation options offer something for just about everybody: – Read More –

December 21, 2010

300 Jump-Lunge challenge

My wife and I were at a Christmas party last week, with a crowd of pretty fit folks. Everyone there was an athlete of some discipline, be it Tri, MTB, Football, what-have-you… So, of course the conversation came around to workouts, fitness, yadda, yadda, and then my buddy breaks out his laptop and starts passing it around, telling us all about this website, ‘Body Rock TV‘. Of course, at first the men in the room smile and the women groan, but like my buddy and his wife (who both do these workouts daily) say, the obvious visual appeal aside, the workouts are legit! In the wake of what I consider the P90X shock workout training strategy, Zuzana challenges Body Rockers to a new home workout each day. – Read More –

December 2, 2010

Off Season Work Out Motivation

No surprise to me but here it is, the so-called ‘off-season’ again, and I’m just not feelin’ it. Without the added motivation of upcoming races (and fear of embarrassment), I’m really not excited to keep workin’. I’ve even been passing up invites for group rides… You might call it a little bit of burn out, but I’m not too concerned, as the race season didn’t finish that long ago, and breaks are not only a good thing, but also necessary if you want to keep getting stronger and faster – not to mention if you want to stay interested in your sport. That said, I don’t want to sit on my arse for too long either, especially when I’m seeing so many comments on facebook go back and forth between fellow riders – Josh has been running and swimming, Peter’s out cross-country skiing, and Gord is still out riding as usual. With that in mind, here is a blog post by my friend Tyler, on finding ways to help keep up with that work out schedule, even when you’d rather just skip it. – Read More –

November 16, 2010

Can you run out of heartbeats?

Think about this – on average, a person’s heart will beat about 100,000 times a day. And, at that rate, around 36,500,000 times a year, for a whopping 3.0+ billion heartbeats in an 85 year life span. I found that number hard to get my head around. I mean, how could a heart beat over 3 billion times in a life? – It’s such a huge number! Isn’t it? Well, the math is the math, and as big as that number might appear, imagine if there was a cap – a maximum number of beats your heart could actually put out. If something like that were true, what would that mean for endurance athletes?

– Read More –

October 21, 2010

Bone loss in cyclists?

You’re a cyclist because you love to ride, but likely you’re also a cyclist because you like staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. Makes sense. Cycling gets you outside. It’s great cardio, and low impact on your joints. Sounds all good, right? Well, my buddy Gord, sent me an article last week that suggested that the same healthy, low-impact activity can actually be a cause of bone loss in cyclists. Really?

– Read More –

October 14, 2010

An Ode to the Middle of the Pack

We all watch our heros destroy climbs, effortlessly bomb through descents, and seemingly never fatigue as the kilometres stretch behind them. But sadly for many of us dreams of the podium seem out of reach. But what’s wrong with that? When I ran across this tweet from Bikeridr friend and contributor @hydec, I thought that – Read More –

September 2, 2010

No Pain, No Gain: Injury Prevention & The Foam Roller

To this point in the season, I’ve managed to keep myself pretty much injury free. By absolutely no means do I feel that this is an accident. Pro-active body maintenance plays a pivotal role in lowering my chance of injury.

In a previous article I mentioned the importance of warming up, stretching, recovery, massage and Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.) as methods to combat injury, but there is another element that I neglected to mention (or wasn’t aware of at the time). It combines the benefits of stretching, massage and active release in to one magical device of both torture and relief.

It is the foam roller. (insert dramatic music here…) – Read More –

August 24, 2010

Zoot CompressRx Recovery Tights

At first I didn’t really buy into the whole compression scene – I wasn’t sure if it was simply that I thought it better to let my body recover at a natural pace, or whether I thought the whole thing was a little goofy.

But then it occurred to me… I’ve shaved my legs, I routinely wear lycra, and think a big helmet with a bunch of holes in it makes me look cool. I’m already pretty much as goofy as it gets.

With multi-day races (TransRockies) and enduro events (Giver-8-r, Superhero Enduro) on my race calendar, I felt that exploring a decrease in recovery time might be worth the money. After checking with some friends savvy to the compression gear the recurring recommendation were the Zoot CompressRx Recovery tights. – Read More –

August 19, 2010

Smart Bike

A while back, Ken wrote an article on ‘The Future of Gadgets’, and the elegance of the un-cluttered handlebar.  Well, it looks like, and really we shouldn’t be that surprised, Apple has been working on this, and of course taken it to the next level. Why stop at providing consumers with a ‘smart phone’, when you can provide a ‘smart bike’ to go along with it? – Read More –

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