What started as just another conversation over beers about dream bikes and races we’d one day ride, became a plan to race the 2009 Transrockies. To track our preparations, training and the race, we started this blog, Bikeridr. The ’09 Transrockies was an incredible experience, but like all milestones, the race came and went – but the blog continues.

By blogging throughout our Transrockies experience, along with a healthy dose of anything else we found cool or interesting along the way we are fortunate enough to have a steadily growing readership. Posting and reporting on bike culture both local and abroad, we are now read by riders and racers around the globe.

Who knew anyone would want to read what two middle-aged guys who just love to ride bikes had to say?

About Ken

I think you could probably liken my love for cycling back to the feelings I had as a kid. My first bike was my first taste of freedom. Suddenly I could go much further, much faster – I was the master of my own destiny ;-)

As I got older, I don’t think that feeling really changed, only instead of exploring local neighbourhoods and parks, I wanted to explore the mountains, trails, and places I couldn’t regularly get to. Through commenting, I’ve started feeling the same thing for the city as well – you definitely get a different sense of of things on the ground feeling the fresh air, rather than sitting behind the wheel of your car.

Truth be told, I just love being on two wheels, regardless of the situation. I don’t lead the pack but I have been around the block a time or two. Hopefully I’ll string a sentence or two together that will keep you coming back ;-)

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About Sheldon

I’ve had a bike as long as I can remember. In fact, one of my earliest memories is my dad letting go of my bike seat while I rode down the sidewalk in front of our house. Biking still holds that same thrill for me today – I get stoked just thinking about it.

I traded in my bmx for my first mountain bike in Grade 6. – A maroon Free Spirit, which was the Sears department store brand at the time. It was heavy as an old rusted boat anchor, but it was damn near indestructible and could ride over anything; I know, because I tried. After that, a white Kuwahara, and then a Cannondale M800, which I rode nearly into the ground through University.

A little bit of a step up, but my current ride is a Rocky Mountain Element 90. I love it!

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