Dear Motorist,

On a recent ride, I came closer to getting hit by a vehicle than I’ve ever come in my life… I felt the sideview mirror of your 1990s burgundy Dodge Caravan brush my left elbow as you sped by me!

In the seconds after, I struggled with what just happened. I questioned if I’d been out of line, maybe too far from the curb, but I wasn’t. I gave you lots of room, and the two cars that had passed me moments before you, confirmed that – you had room. I also questioned if you were really going that fast, but I could still hear the sound of your engine revving up in my ears… No, you sped up as you drove by, through that construction zone going north on 121 St near Fox Drive, coming needlessly close to me, and you put my life at risk when you did!

With that clear in my head, I looked ahead and saw you stopped at the next set of lights, so I raced after you, planning to get a picture of your plate, and hopefully of you, so I could report you to the police. I didn’t know if they’d be able to do anything… I mean at best that should be reckless driving, or maybe assault. At worst, and I have a hard time saying it, you tired to kill me. But before I could even get close enough to find out, you pulled away and drove right through the red light! Did you see me in your rearview mirror? If you ran the light to get away, that just confirms to me that you knew you scared me, that you tried to scare me, and I will admit that thought still scares me today as I write this. If you just ran that light for fun, I can’t say I’m any more comforted, knowing a driver like you is on the road with me when I’m driving with my family.

Yeah, that’s right – I have a family. Did you think about who I might be, when you decided to buzz me like that? Did you wonder if I had a wife and two small children at home to care for? Or was I just a faceless cyclist, an annoyance on the road to you? I really do wonder… Did you do it on purpose or where you just that oblivious? In the meantime, I’m going to try and keep off the roads even more, to stick to shared pathways, bike lanes and dedicated paths – and for that matter, I may take to some sidewalks when necessary… At least I’ll have alive to pay the tickets.


A husband, a father, a brother, a son, a motorist and a cyclist.