Sunlight. Clouds. Wind. Flora. Fauna.

All lost on you.

You don’t notice any of it… You don’t appreciate it a lick.

Instead, your head is down, oblivious to everything, gearing up for your power song – Survivor, by Destiny’s Child.

Now, I get it. I really do. Despite my preference for two wheels, I still run. I understand and appreciate that zone of focus, concentration and oblivion. I too find that slipping in some earbuds and having the beat drop helps turn my feet over and keep me moving. The problem is that this isn’t a race and you’re not alone. So open your goddamned eyes and ears and pay attention.

Pathalete Paradise

Children? Dogs? Rollerbladers? A gaggle of women running 5 abreast? They all receive a wide berth… Who knows what the hell they’re going to do. But a single runner, cruising down the pathway? I’d like to assume they aren’t going to haphazardly dash across the grass into my path without any indication of where they’re headed.

This has proven to be a foolish assumption.

To be fair, I do feel that I’m referencing the minority – But as the Albertan spring finally unfolds and the elusive recreational runner emerges from their treadmills and winter dormancy it’s a minority on the rise.

I’ve discovered that it’s not about everybody having their own place, but rather about simply understanding and being aware that you exist in an ever evolving ecosystem. Ultimately I’m not too fussed that you’re wearing earbuds, nor that your monopolizing the path by running 5-up… All I ask, if you’re going to cross the street, change lanes, or move across an intersection, is that you be aware of your surroundings and translate your intent – It’s as easy as a glance over your shoulder.

It’s not hard. It’s called courtesy. Understanding the pathway doesn’t exist for you and you alone. And although it’s a two-way street, I’m disappointed it’s such a rarity.

Although I’ve locked the crosshairs on runners here, there are plenty of cyclists just as bad… Just last week I saw some pathlete cruising through a packed noon-hour pathway tucked onto her aerobars…

Srsly. Get it together people.