Sheldon and I have been filling the pages of this blog since October of 2008. In almost 5 years, we’ve written over 400 articles and have interacted with you through thousands of comments, hundreds of tweets and countless Facebook updates.

Although our lives and the content of this blog continue to evolve, our passion for cycling remains unchanged.

When we unveiled our new kit last summer (to a very small distribution) – we felt it marked a more ‘grown-up’ Bikeridr. Along with our kit, we have slowly been updating all our digital touchpoints and the refresh of this blog marks the last step.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve noticed an increasing number of you coming from tablets and smartphones and even better – that you’re actually taking time to read our articles. We’re proud to say that our new design is optimized for reading… Regardless of device. Bigger photos, bigger text, less distraction. We hope you enjoy.

– Ken & Sheldon