Hello 2013! And, goodbye to 2012. Looking back, as we all like to do this time of year, I thought it would be interesting to check some stats – specifically to do a comparison between 2012, and 2011. On the whole I felt like 2012 was an off year, for cycling… Life was busy. I was working longer hours at the office. At home, I was enjoying more time with the family, and what felt like less time on the bike. At least, I really thought so.

I made the decision very early in 2012 that I needed to be more pragmatic about my training. It needed to be more concerted, more purposeful. So I adapted shorter and more intense training sessions. Most of the time, I’d limit all my training rides to 1 hour. In fact, I’d even go as short as 30 minutes if I was doing really hard intervals. The thinking was that by training this way, regardless of my busier schedule, by pushing harder for less time, I could still manage to build a reasonable amount of fitness, hopefully at least similar to that achieved in 2011. Generally speaking though, I was resolved to 2012 being a ‘blah’ year on the bike.

So, looking back at 2012 now, the stats are a bit shocking!

Even though I fully expected to spend ‘less’ time on the bike, I actually spent more. And not just a little more – I spent a lot more time in the saddle. As it turns out, by doing shorter rides I was able to get them in a lot more often resulting in more time on the bike. It then goes without saying that more time on the bike also translated to more miles, more elevation and yes, more fitness – so it’s not so surprising that 2012 turned out to be a much better CX racing year for me. In fact, it was my best season to date, which really did confound me until I ran this year-over-year comparison.

2011 Stats:

  • Total Time on the Bike: 93:15:10 h:m:s
  • Total Elevation Gain: 10,702 m
  • Total Calories Spent: 43,787 C

2012 Stats:

  • Total Time on the Bike: 140:21:22 h:m:s
  • Total Elevation Gain: 15,873 m
  • Total Calories Spent: 84,608 C

Looking ahead to 2013, with life not likely going to be any less busy, I have to say that I’m suddenly a lot more optimistic about the upcoming racing season. By continuing with the same shorter, high intensity rides, I should be able to put in another solid training year – starting today.  All the best to you in 2013!

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