Upon evaluation, the landscape for road bike clothing provides offerings for nearly every conceivable style, size and budget – From bargain-basement multicoloured neon discount kits, to the finery of brands like Rapha or Assos. Unfortunately a more refined offering has been long lacking for the road cyclist’s fat-tired brethren (at least to my knowledge)… Until now.

Described as “impeccable mountain bike wear for obsessives,” Kitsbow appears to be striving for the best fit and finish with little compromise. From tailoring to materials, every detail has been cared for… Or at least that’s what their marketing wants me to think ;-)

I definitely like the more relaxed/understated style and appreciate that although it’s clearly tailored for a cyclist (ie. form fitting, cut lines, etc.), it would hold up quite well stylistically off the bike. This may not be something you’re too concerned with on the morning coffee ride with your roadie buddies, but if you’re looking for certain articles of cycling clothing to be multifunctional (ie. on and off the bike) a look that is slightly more “tailored” and a little less “sporting” can be appreciated.

Although I’m intrigued, I have to admit I’m not sure my pocketbook is flush enough to splurge on items of this calibre just yet… Especially considering the Kitsbow Sastan jersey is nearing the price of some high end jackets, and from what I can tell the Soft Shell A/M shorts don’t come with a chamois. Indeed, the combined cost of a Kitsbow “kit” (with the addition of a similar calibre of cycling liner) will cost you upwards of $800. ($327 (jersey) + $269 (shorts) +  (liner)) – That’s admittedly a little rich for my blood.

Currently only offering a jersey and shorts, I am interested to see how the Kitsbow product line matures and if there’s any adjustment to their current price points – Though I’ve only started to dip my toe into the higher spectrum of cycling clothing I have to admit that an exquisitely crafted piece of kit really is a treat. I guess Christmas is coming… Too bad they don’t ship to Canada ;-)