Well, the fat lady has sung! Even though there are still a few more races left on the calendar, I’ve raced my last CX race of the 2012 season – work and life are playing the trump card. It was a really good run this year, though. I moved up the field, going from near the back of the pack Sport finishes in 2011, to some solid top 15 Sport finishes in 2012. I guess not having a new-born baby on hand clearly helped this year’s ‘racing campaign’.

So, how was my last race of the year? In a word, ‘painful’ just as it should be, and cold as all hell, but it was also lots of fun. The Town of Devon (aka Bike Town) added a new race to the 2012 ABA CX schedule calling it the Puncheur, and they did a great job putting it on along with the Devon Bicycle Association and Shift Happens! The freshly made waffles and copious amounts of coffee were a really nice touch and the course made great use of Devon’s  section of the Saskatchewan River Valley. I’m looking forward to seeing this race on the schedule again in 2013. I tried to capture some of the river valley in the footage I took after my race. Hope you enjoy the film!