The old adage “It’s like riding a bike” applies to many scenarios — riding an actual bicycle likely among them — unfortunately for me however, I don’t think it can be readily applied to racing your bike.

Racing is a delicate art of conservation, recovery, technique, timing and mental fortitude. Although these are all things your mind is intrinsically aware of, they are also things that an untrained body forgets. What was once instinct, now unfolds in front of you — you slowly realize what’s happening only to react much to late.

Somebody makes the jump, and suddenly the wheel you were sucking is gone. You desperately try to cover the gap but either you can’t, or you burn an ever-precious match that you were hoping to save for later. Building this innate ability to react is much akin to a sword you can only sharpen through use.

And though it was painfully evident that my ‘sword’ was dull and rusty, that didn’t stop me from having a blast at this past weekend’s Bicisport/Synergy EuroCross Weekend.

The EuroCross course bringin' the pain – Photo: Bill Quinney

The EuroCross course bringin’ the pain – Photo: Bill Quinney

The EuroCross was a fantastic example of two clubs pulling together to make a great event that was fun for all race levels. Although the course wasn’t incredibly challenging from a technical perspective, it was an aerobic leg buster. For most, the entire course was rideable, but for others it gave an opportunity for some great run ups ;-)

The organization was top-notch – I especially liked the “Welcome” email sent out the day before with some specific reminders and draw prizes… Definitely lowered the headache quotient for slightly disorganized racers like me. They also did a great job of using the Facebook page to drum up excitement as the event came together (draw prizes, food trucks, etc.)

If I’m not mistaken this was both Brent Topilko and Kevin Rosmantiz’s first kick at the “race organizer” cat and they did an outstanding job! Huge props to them, the volunteers and all involved!

It also gave me a chance to flex some creative muscle and design the t-shirt, which was super fun. It’s not too often I get to use the Coq Wallon in my day job ;-)

AlsoGreen Circle Photography has been coming out for many of the midweek races and made an appearance at the EuroCross as well, it’s pretty cool having a pro photog out there making everybody look fast! You can check out their photos here or some others on the Eurocross Facebook page