Not every ride can be classified as truly memorable. But these moments do happen, we’ve all experienced it… Rarely planned, instances that always stick with you. It’s to honour these moments in time that CLIF Bar has pulled together Meet the Moment.

The idea is shockingly simple – Share your moment and CLIF Bar will give money to some great outdoor non-profit organizations. Non-profits that we can pretty easily get behind – Like these:

What’s the catch? Well, that’s the thing. There is no catch. It’s just a great movement to support great moments.

For each photo or video, CLIF Bar will donate $5 to your selected non-profit, with an extra $1 every time your ‘Moment’ is shared. The 25 most shared/liked ‘Moments’ will receive another $10k for their non-profit and a years supply of CLIF Bars.

You’ve likely already got that moment framed on your desk, tacked to your fridge or sitting on your iPhone – So why not grab the photo and share it – You’ll be supporting some great causes and may even win enough CLIF Bars to fuel your next adventure ;-)