Ugh. Is anybody as sick of this as I am?

I’m sure many of you caught the news that yesterday the USADA has formally charged Lance Armstrong (among others) with “anti-doping rules violations.”

For those versed in the “Lance Chronicles” the additional names won’t really come as any surprise. Nor will Lance’s tweet and official response. (For those interested, you can read the formal letter here.)

Now… I’m all for clean cycling, but after the historical slew of accusations as well as the most recent case never resulting in charges being laid I have to say I’m pretty sick of this. How many times are we going to flog this horse?

I am by no means suggesting that Lance is innocent – Ruling the Tour de France with an iron fist for seven consecutive years in a terribly ‘dirty’ time has to raise some suspicions regardless of how much you love Big Tex. But at what point do we simply put this behind us and move on?

I don’t think I’m the only one to believe that cycling has turned a corner and that the New Peloton™ is a cleaner bunch. I for one would rather see the time, attention and money that the USADA is spending on this latest soap opera spent on todays riders, and on the future of cycling in the US.

I’m sure there will be die-hards that won’t be happy until Lance is stripped of everything he received, but I’m at the point where I wish we could just move forward. We’ve been down this path before, with Lance and with many other riders. Some were exposed, some weren’t, and some came forward of their own volition. I think we’ve washed the dirty laundry as much as we should and should just accept the rest as history.

Sometimes it’s not always about righting the wrongs of history, but learning from them and moving forward.