As a parent of two (18mo. / 3mo.) my schedule no longer allows a ton of flexibility – If rides do happen, they tend to be either on special occasions, or in the spaces “in-between.”

Serendipitously, Fathers Day not only provided me with an unencumbered morning, but also found Bikeridr’s better half only twenty minutes away in Airdrie, AB. Sprinkle in a couple Tweets and our rag-tag team of two quickly became three… I guess part of the magic of a ‘group’ ride is that there doesn’t need to be much of a group to add a completely different dynamic and a lot of fun to your ride.

Once underway, despite threatening clouds, the only adversary that swept down the Rockies towards us was the wind. And it was a doozy.

As is the way of men, we forged headlong into the wind – Intent on making it our bitch… Heads down, ragged breaths drawn, slamming our pedals down stroke after stroke as we peeled through the air. However despite our best efforts, the bitches turned out to be us… The wind was not something to be vanquished that day. After dropping the pace and our heart-rates to something a little more humane, we indulged in some conversation and enjoyed the ride.

As is the way of viscous headwinds, they oftentimes turn into benevolent tailwinds as soon as you head home – And thankfully, this held true today. After an adrenaline charged descent down Elbow Falls (~86-92km/h), we settled into a 40-50km/h cruise back to Bragg Creek. We consciously tried to stay out of each others draft on the way back to gain the benefit of the wind ;-)

The ride could have been longer, and potentially more ‘epic’, but after refuelling lost calories through burgers & beer and heading back to my Fathers Day plans, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend the morning.