Local Bike Shop DayIn case you’re a cyclist who lives under a rock, it is that time of year again – the velo-celebration of all things that make up Bike Month (June, in case you’re wondering). Along with a pretty cool government PSA campaign going on here in YEG, highlighting the need for motorists and cyclists alike to learn to co-exist on our roads, there are also the cursory green and white road signs the city puts up as well.

But now, let the fun begin!

People are organizing all kinds of great, fun events this month to celebrate Bike Month, Local Bike Store Day, and the Rapha Ride with Alex Stieda being great examples. But on a larger, festival-like scale, we have the Bikeology Festival, which is described as a month-long velo-love festival. Not surprisingly, there is really strong support for this annual civic event. Sponsors of the festival are numerous, from MEC, to DaCapo, ETS, Rainbow Communications, Earth’s General Store and the Alberta Arts Council, not to mention many others.

The festival is even richer in scheduled events and activities, ranging from movie screenings and ride-in-movies, to commuter races, art projects, bike salons, and bikey breakfasts! A friend told me that she picks up free breakfast at DaCapo on her commute to work pretty often during June. Now it doesn’t actually say free on the site that I saw, so if you go there and I’m wrong about that part, be a sport and buy your cup of coffee and hot bowl of muesli and enjoy. They have great coffee.

Everything culminates to a peak, toward the middle of the month, with Bikeology Festival Day, Saturday June 16, from 12 noon to 4 pm at Beaver Hill Park in downtown Edmonton, filled with live music, kids’ entertainment, pedal your own smoothies, trials demos and, yes, RACES!

Checkout the full calendar of Bikeology Festival events here. Get out on your bike and take part – there is no better time to celebrate the bike!