I had posted this great video from Specialized/Lululemon on Facebook a while ago. I think it’s really nice to see this level of production for a woman’s team in cycling.

I’m very interested to see the type of traction and coverage Specialized/Lululemon gets this season, especially in the women’s demographic. They’ve got some huge cycling talents, some of whom are visible far beyond the realm of cycling – Specifically Clara Hughes, speedster, cyclist, multi-medal holding olympian and high profile Canadian.

Emilia Fahline

The video definitely appeals has an emotional feel to it, tugging the heart strings in relation to the dissolution of the HTC team and the various personalities involved. I think the inclusion of Lululemon is definitely going to draw some “outside cycling” attention – Definitely needed if women’s cycling is going to grow.

I think Clara captures the sentiment well at the end of the video:

I think we represent just strong, confident, competitive women. And, I think we’re also beautiful women. So, I think that we’re going to be able to inspire multiple generations of females and that is what motivates me the most… What an incredible opportunity as a female.

What do you think? Is this an effective way for pro-teams to reach to the female demographic?