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Late last month, you may have seen the results from the Downeast Cyclocross Event in New Gloucester, Maine. Crossing the finish line first was Dylan McNicholas followed by Luke Keough and Justin Lindine. No doubt these guys are some of the best in Cyclocross biz, but to ride at their level, first look at what bikes they choose.

On the top of the podium, Dylan McNicholas was riding the Cannondale Super X SRAM Red. This bike is definitely one of the best in Cyclocross, with a tremendously lightweight frameset and a new full-carbon fork. Among Cannondale bikes, the SRAM Red model is the best performing if you are willing to pay a price steeper than the mountains you’ll ride.

Coming in second, Luke Keough cruised through the finish line on his Stevens Carbon Team DA. The Carbon Team bike offers a stiff and agile carbon fork and a more affordable price than the Cannondale Super X. With top components to go along with the carbon fork, the Stevens’ Carbon Team DA is a more affordable and reliable bike.

Rounding out the top 3, Justin Lindine rides the newest Redline Conquest Cabon Team. Similar to the Cannondale Super X, the Redline Conquest offers a super lightweight frameset for a cheaper price. Redline has been leading the charge in brake development for cyclocross. The Conquest delivers a strong braking power and a well-balanced frame that is ready for racing.

All three of the bikes that took the podium at the Downeast Cyclocross Event represent the best cyclocross bikes on the market. But to better understand their specs and how they differ, check out the comparison from FindTheBest: