Ah, the holidays, a time of excellent couplings… Family & friends, rum & eggnog, mistletoe & kisses… Who knows, maybe even a couple of gifts under tree. It is with this last thought that we bring you the Bikeridr 2011 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.

Not content to simply give you a measly ‘Top Ten’ we’ve pulled some recommendations together for just about every type of cyclist on your list:

  • The alcoholics,
  • The ladies,
  • The men,
  • The classics,
  • The techies,
  • The spendy and
  • Those who just love the Christmas spirit

It is an epic list, to be sure, and I’m hoping that at least one of these items will satiate the desires of the cyclist on your Christmas list. If there’s something you think I’ve missed – Hit us up in the comments :-D

For the alcoholics:

PocketToolX MAKO Titanium Bike Tool
Made of Aerospace Titanium, the MAKO Bike Tool, named after one of the fastest shark species, will be the best bicycle tool that you have ever owned. Not only is it extremely light weight and compact but can be fully customized by you to best suit your bike. And features a handy-dandy bottle opener!
Screen Printed Belgian Beer Glasses
A true homage to cyclocross – you can enjoy your micro brewed delight in one of four Belgian beer styles.
Leather Wine Rack
This handmade leather bicycle wine rack is perfect for taking wine with you on the go. It easily attaches to any 1″ bike frame with antique brass fasteners, while the hidden clamping mechanism holds the bottle securely. The olive oil treated vegetable-tanned leather will only look better with age.
The Road Popper
Road ‘pops’ have never been easier! The Road Popper was designed it to fasten discreetly to the rails on the underside of the saddle to help keep your bike looking crisp. Finishes range from stainless steel, silver, gold plated, or antique bronze.
6 Pack Frame Cinch
For those not into the vino, this will be a near perfect substitute. Not into beer? No problem, a couple of these will work to secure your polo mallet as well :-)

For the ladies:

Ana Nichoola Apparel
Straight out of the UK – Carefully crafted, unique cycle clothing for the female form.
Women’s ¾ Bib Shorts
If Heidi likes ’em, you probably will too ;-) Made from a luxury mesh material with a large cutaway section in the back to prevent overheating. There is also an elasticated pocket at the back of the bibs for small items.
Wool Cycling Caps
So stylish it should come with a lock. While waiting at intersections other riders may be forced to steal the cap from your head and ride into traffic to avoid your inevitable turn of speed and chasing them down.
Reflective scarf
You want to be seen but not look like an enormous dork? Then this range is just for you. Vintage fabrics combined with a sense of style and a hint of reflective will enable you to look good, be seen and avoid any crimes against fashion.
Riyoku Urban Bike Gear
Riyoko creates and builds stylish, comfortable and functional bike attire with the cyclist and their moving environment in mind. Support a local (Calgary) merchant!
Bike Spoke & Chain Roller Bracelet
Inspired by the trendies and their fixed-gear bikes, this single spoke and one chain roller bracelet is a great offset to the contemporary urban look. Looks great worn in multiples of two or three.
Crankbothers Multi 17
Sleek. Sexy. 17 features. 1 lightweight tool. Nuff said.

For the men:

Park Tool BBQ Set
A post-ride essential and a fun way to work with your favorite tools. Stainless steel with “pedal wrench” style and “cone wrench” style grilling tools that bring Park Tool Blue to the barbecue.
Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling
The Bike Snob treats readers to a laugh-out-loud rant and rave about the world of bikes and their riders, and offers a unique look at the ins and outs of cycling, from its history and hallmarks to its wide range of bizarre practitioners.
This great read tells the dramatic and enlightening behind-the-scenes story of how a group of determined visionaries transformed Portland into a cycling mecca and inspired the nation.
Strava – The Gift of Fitness
Strava makes a perfect and unique gift for any avid athlete – it’s the best way to log and analyze your fitness data, then compare and compete with friends online! Strava delivers a premium experience: no ads, unlimited storage of rides, and responsive customer support.
Cinelli Topographic Bar Tape
Much appreciated by pistards for its tacky, tennis-grip feel and luxury leather look, Cinelli Volée is MASH’s preferred tape for urban riding. This special co-branded edition features MASH’s signature use of topographic subject matter.
Repair Stand
An essential for any serious cyclist. I know one of these made my routine maintenance a lot less of a chore!
T-Shirts – Endurance Conspiracy / Twin Six
If there’s one thing the cyclist on your list is guaranteed to be missing, it’s enough cycling-related tees. Top up your supply with these great ones.
Great magazines:
Peloton for the roadies, Singletrack for those who favour knobby tires.
Scalextric Velodrome
For the kid at heart – Why race cars, when you can race bikes?! Specifically Great Britain replica track racers!

For the classics:

Vintage Merino Wool Jersey
Ah, what better than the cozy warmth of a merino jersey. Long sleeve, short sleeve, whatever the person on your list might prefer.
Raleigh Urban Bike
It might not be a classic yet, but it’s on it’s way. Done in the messenger style, the Raleigh Rush Hour is an urban bike in blank form. Fresh white, wood, silver, and trimmed with thick leather on the seats and bars, this bike begs to be settled into and utterly dogged.
Full Wood Fenders
Hand crafted wooden trim, for your bicycle.
Bike Chain Cufflinks
Your choice of Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo ;-)
Recycled Belt with Fixie Belt Buckle
Belt and belt buckle are totally constructed with recycled bicycle parts. The belt is made with a recycled bike tire and the buckle is made with a recycled bicycle cog, chain, and spokes… Heck, they’ll even make the belt out of your favorite worn tire if you like!
Rapha Silk Scarf
A timeless classic. The fabric has been treated with a special solution to make it sweat and shower resistant and the edges have been hand stitched for a luxury finish.

For the techies:

Garmin Vector
Measuring power where it matters, the Garmin Vector allows you to see the whole force of the pedal stroke. Calculating total power and cadence while reporting right and left leg power separately.
Loaded with data, Edge 500 tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation with high sensitivity GPS. Add an ANT+™ compatible heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor or compatible power meter for a finely-tuned analysis of your ride.
A bundle of energy and tremendously bright as it is, our Betty plows even through the darkest night. When you switch it on for the first time, it does not only produce light but also this kind of wow that makes it unmistakably clear: Betty is the queen of the night.
Road ID
In the event of an accident, if you can’t speak for yourself, your Road ID will. It’s not just a piece of gear – it’s peace of mind.

For the spendy:

Rapha/Independent Fabrication XS
In 2008 Bill, Guy Andrews, John Bradley and Simon Richardson each rode the XS as they rode an homage to Anquetil’s Crazy Bet, tackling the Glandon, Galibier, Alp d’Huez and the Tourmalet over back-to-back sportives in France. This bicycle has to be considered one of the best ever for any rider racing a sportive.
Chris King Espresso Tamper
Born from an appreciation of the coffee making process as much as the coffee it produces. We worked in collaboration with the Portland, Oregon based America Barista & Coffee School to develop a professional grade espresso tamper with precise dimensions, exceptional feel, and the iconic shape that every cyclist recognizes as the very best.
Rêve Ultimate Grand Tour Experience
Ride a fully supported grand tour (read our synopsis here)
Ciclotte Exercise Bike
Featuring a complex dual satellite epicycloid transmission, a carbon-and-alcantara adjustable saddle, a touch-screen display, pedals placed closer to the saddle for correct biomechanics, a slender, unicycle-style frame, and unique carbon handlebars. Getting in shape never looked so good (or cost so much).

For the Christmas spirit:

Donate to World Bicycle Relief
A bicycle in the hands of a student, healthcare worker, or entrepreneur in rural Africa is truly life changing. The need is great. Help share The Power of Bicycles today. Make a one-time or recurring donation.