Now into it’s second season, Behind the Barriers is a behind the scenes look at Jeremy Powers and his adventures in the US cyclocross scene.

I vaguely remember watching one episode last year, but never really got into things. Now that it’s cross season again and I’m following things a little more closely I gave it another go, and I’m glad I did :-)

Although ‘jPow’ is currently riding for Rapha/Focus, I decided to start with Season 1 (2010) when he was racing for They’re only three episodes into season 2, but I have to say so far I found season 1 a little more entertaining… Mainly because of the hilarious relationship between Powers and Tim Johnson. It was a lot of fun watching them duke it out both on and off the course.

I have high hopes that season 2 is just getting warmed up, but it’s a fun way to stay up on the season, get a sense for what a lot of these guys are like and to get a glimpse into cyclocross at an elite North American level. It’s also fun to see the friendly rivalries between competitors like Ryan Trebon and Geoff Kabush :-)

For a cycling nerd like me there were some pretty hilariously entertaining moments in the series… Mainly because I can see the same sort of conversations and shenanigans happening with my buddies.

Powers is a pretty entertaining guy and the videos are pretty well done, So if you like cross – Give ‘er a look. The episodes aren’t too long (usually ~15-20min) and can be a nice way to start your day ;-)

Enjoy it all on Vimeo here: