Train, train, train… Work hard. Track your results… Maybe not get quite enough sleep. Probably won’t eat quite as well as we should, and well, come race day, just hope for the best. Sound familiar? If not, then good for you, but if so, count yourself among some good company because I’d bet most of us ‘amature’ racers fall into this category. We train hard, but fall short on proper recovery, which requires both proper diet and rest.

So, what’s the solution? Just accept it? Try harder to be more disciplined about eating better, hydrating and observing an early bedtime? In a perfect world, yes, I’d recommend doing all of those things, but if you’re looking to hedge your bets a bit, to balance out your nutrition, and make the most of limited recovery time, there are also supplements – engineered dietary training supplements that are designed to give the body exactly what it needs. Now these aren’t for everyone, but I can attest to their effectiveness. In fact, I’ve relied on them when I raced enduro, like the Bow 80, or the Transrockies, to keep both my body properly fuelled during the race, and to help it recover afterwards. Energy drinks, with electrolytes are a staple, and recovery drinks with carbohydrates and protein are becoming more and more common for me as well. Not only to do I feel a difference when I use these products on a regular basis, but I also see an improvement in my performance.

This summer Ryno Power sent me some samples of their products to try out. First off, for me, some key things are taste and solubility. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t drink it. And if it doesn’t mix easily, and glumps up, it’s just as bad. I found the Ryno Power powdered recovery drinks did pretty well in both these areas. I sampled the chocolate and vanilla, and both were really good – not too sweet. And it mixes well, in both milk and water. If you’re looking to try a new brand, I’d recommend either flavour.

Now as for effectiveness, on a week’s sample supply, it’s a little hard to say, but I did find that I felt good after drinking it. I felt ‘recharged’, almost instantly. Over the week, I’d say it worked as well as the Gatorade Recovery product I was using to that point.

Some other things a liked about Ryno Power is that they offer a range of task specific products, ranging from protein powder, to recovery, to endurance and even Motivation. Also, ever wonder what’s in that supplement you’re taking? Ryno Power has the complete ingredient list on their website, right there in black and white. Good stuff.