Yup, cross season is simply too short. As summer winds down, you think, ‘I can’t wait for CX to start!’ and then the next thing you know September is over and you’ve only done two races… Okay, that may not be you. but it is the case for me.

Last weekend I was out at both the ERTC School of Cross and the Hardcore Hop n’ Hurl, in either a racer or spectator role. As a racer, all I have to say is, ‘HOLY CRAP! Is cross ever hard!’ I may have actually thought I was going to die out there on the course… And although death, is an egregious embellishment, I was delirious enough to not realize the race was over, and kept riding for an additional lap. Ahhhh… Good times.

Thankfully though, as painful as the racing may be, the riding part has been a complete pleasure. The VINER Perfecta cross bike I have this season is nothing short of ‘killer’, and now two races into the season, I can say this bike has more than just the good looks going for it. It’s light, responsive, and handles better than anything I’ve ridden to-date. I think this is in part to the carbon frame, which gives it a feel that I really like – stiff but forgiving in the choppy sections. So yeah, so far, so good. I just need to get stronger so I do the bike some justice out there and be a little more competitive. There’s little question, my personal lack of speed this season, has everything to do from the lack of training I’ve suffered. Ah well, though. Like my pal Ken Hurd says, it’s still fun as long as you’re in there mixin’ it up, no matter if that’s at the top or the bottom of the field. That said, I plan to see if I can get back toward  the pointy end of the field here yet this season. What’s racin’ without a goal?!

On that note, the attached video shot at the ERTC School of Cross, goes out to my pal Stew with United Cycle, who is nothing short of an inspiration to all of us out there. The footage I got of him cleaning that steep, side-slopped section speaks for itself. Keep ridin’, Stew!