Billed as “a poster party for bike people,” ARTCRANK is “a show of bicycle-inspired poster artwork that introduces people to talented local artists and sends them home with affordable, original works of art. Every ARTCRANK show features posters created by local artists from the host city. Admission is always free, and posters are priced to let everybody take home at least one.”

The posters are pretty much amazing (as you can see below), but over this past years tour attention from some pretty sincere players.

The first was Treks contribution to gallery with their ARTCRANK edition District. The result? An intriguing combination of traditional screen-printing techniques, pop art and Japanese animé. Intriguing!

The second promotional partnership was with Chome Industries and Threadless, and the competition is actually still open. Until October 3 you can contribute a design to their t-shirt competition. Winners will be sold on Threadless and Chrome. If bike-related artistry doesn’t run deep in your veins, you can always vote on the artwork that has been submitted.

In addition to the great art scene, ARTCRANK also partners with a local, national or international cause in every city:

An organization that’s using bicycles to make a difference in communities, help people live better lives, or just make the world a better place. In concert with our sponsors, we use ARTCRANK as a means to help raise money and awareness for these organizations.

Bikes, beer, tattoos and art. Was ever a greater combination created?