As many of you know, I’m a coffee fan. Sure, sometimes I tire of coffee, and stray to other caffeine deliver mechanisms, like tea, but I always seem to come back. Most often I admit, when at any proper coffee bar, I’ll order an Americano, (Canadese for all you Canuckleheads out there). I enjoy the taste of properly brewed espresso – its powerful flavor, its natural sweetness and earthiness is delicious. Of course like many of my friends, (Kenny-poo included), I’ve looked into getting a quality home machine. To date though, I’ve just never quite taken the plunge, leaving my espresso indulgences to the coffee shop. So, I was excited to see that Rapha has come out with an espresso machine worthy of its endorsement! Behold! The limited edition Rapha Giotto Rocket Espresso Machine, ready to brew the perfect shot in the comfort of your own home, or local club bike shop.

‘The machine model is the Giotto, Rocket Espresso’s flagship model, the same model that the company used for a commemorative Giro d’Italia centenary edition in 2009 (one of which is well-loved at Rapha London HQ).

Features include a thermo siphon system, copper boiler with lead free brass end plates for increased thermal retention and a Sirai pressure stat, which has a far greater degree of accuracy over the lifetime of the machine. The machine also includes a water reservoir with a low-level indication warning system.’

Sounds lovely, and looks amazing. I can see it on my kitchen counter already, gleaming like a stainless steel beacon of pure and unending joy! That said, I can’t help but still wonder, do I reallllly need one? Would I actually use it, and often enough to validate it? Or, would I more than likely stick to what I use now, the French Press?

Sure, you might not be able to directly compare the two types of coffee – one being espresso and the other, brewed, but I submit that based on my own enjoyment level, it might be a toss up. ‘Mentioning brewed coffee in the same breath as espresso! Sacrelege!’ you say… Well, in my opinion, all things being equal, meaning freshly roasted beans, ground only moments before you use them produces an outstanding brewed coffee experience – and there is no better way to make that happen then a French Press. The flavours are different, it’s true. But if you haven’t treated yourself to a well-brewed French Pressed cup of coffee lately, do yourself a favour.

Of course, any family or close friends thinking about what to get Smarty for Christmas (which is on its way) the Rapha Giotto Rocket Espresso Machine would be awesome!