I know the stigma. I know you’re a hardman. I know you’re so Euro it hurts. But really…

Come. On.

When we pass on the road and I raise my hand to wave it’s not like I’m not asking you to cat-sit, nor am I asking you for money, I’m simply asking that you treat me like a human being… All I ask is a simple acknowledgement of my existence.

Believe me, I know The Rules… But I don’t see “Ensure that you are too cool for school” within them.

Maybe the camaraderie borne from riding mountain bikes runs too deep, but part of me just thinks that two people sharing in a common experience also share a bond – However loose it might be.

While riding this past weekend my attempts at engaging in nod or wave related activities resulted generally in one of the following responses:

  • A scowl
  • A look of confusion
  • A look of consternation
  • Complete dismissal

Waving lunaticNow, as a counterpoint, there were some rare occurrences where nods and/or waves were reciprocated from roadies both young and old, in drops and out… Heck even a few folks on aero bars had the courtesy to raise a hand.

It can be done folks.

You don’t need to sit up and wave like a lunatic, just appreciate that we’re in this together, and that another cyclist on the road is a good thing.

But who knows… Maybe it’s just me.