While the PRO’s have been grinding it out in France, the Hurd family was able to have a little ‘tour’ of their own.

We had front-loaded our vacation this year with the Furious 3, but headed west for the remainder of our holidays… Keats Island to be precise.

There’s always something special about being near the ocean, but in addition to some oceanesque activities like kayaking and enjoying the island with some hiking, we were planning a ride up the Sunshine Coast as well.

I’m very fortunate to have the wife I do, for reasons to numerous to list here, to be sure. One of the things I’m most thankful for however, is I have a wife who likes to ride. We’re able to take a trip like this and, with a little babysitting assistance from the grandparents, take off for a day and put the rubber to the road.

Our trip wasn’t necessarily of epic proportions… My Garmin read ~67km by the end of things, but it was a beautiful way to spend the day. At some points our route took us directly along the coast, in others we rolled along deserted, densely treed side roads. The sights and sounds were relaxing and inspiring, and we stopped at many of the small shops and beaches along the way. The grilled ham & swiss sandwich and latte provided by Wheatberries in Sechelt was almost as delicious as the peanut butter cookie and flat white provided by The Black Bean in Gibsons… Half the fun of riding from one locale to another is planning the bistro stops along the way after all ;-)

Now for some reason my wife believes that whenever I ride with her a firm mental effort is required on my part to ride as slow as I possibly can, but the truth of the matter is that it’s simply a different type of riding. A type of ride where I can focus on the smell of the ocean, the birds and wildlife around, sprint as hard as I can up the odd hill or bury myself cutting the wind so my wife can enjoy the slipstream off my fat arse ;-)

These types of rides aren’t about training for me, they’re not about racing, they’re about relaxing… Being able to enjoy the fitness I’ve worked for and just ride my bike because I love it.

It’s a different type of riding, yes. A lesser type of riding, no. It’s definitely a type of riding that you should try though. Whether it’s riding with your wife (who’s likely no where near as slow as she thinks she is), or perhaps leading the beginner group ride instead of just sitting in on the intermediate ride, you’d be surprised the different perspective you’ll get by taking things a little slower.