It’s been a particularly busy couple of weeks, and certainly days, for me recently with my volunteer role for the 2011 Kokanee Edmonton Canada Cup cross country MTB race, as well as my own full-time work duties for Edmonton’s Cap EX. Having two events kick off on the same weekend, means you need to be pretty creative with your time management to get it all done and that said, although it was hectic, and yes, stressful at times, I’m so glad it has all come together.

Heavy rains last week made KECC set-up tough, and although we had a huge out-of province showing, it certainly put a dent in local racer registration. Also, being pit against other MTB events like 24 Hours of Adrenalin didn’t help with that either. We hope in future, we’ll be given more consideration when it comes to where we fall on the schedule. Maybe sometime in June? Regardless, for those that did make it out to brave the mud, there was lots of excitement on the course – the mud, playing the largest roll out there, rendering some bikes literally un-workable. Mud-jammed drivetrains, snapped derailleurs, and crashes were the order of the day for the early morning races, making it really more a question of who could keep their bike working and manage to stay upright long enough to make it to the finish! As for the Elite races in the afternoon, the course had dried out a little more for them, making it less slick, but no less gummy. Some were using the word ‘peanut butter’ to describe it. I’d imagine there are some complete bike tear-downs and drivetrain replacements going on this week.

Congratulations to all the racers who came out to battle the mud, and to all the winners from this year’s event. Also, I want to say a BIG thank you to all the volunteers and event sponsors – we literally couldn’t do it without you!

2011 Race Results can be viewed here